Dr Mack Jafari

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The San Francisco Bay Area has always held a special place in Mack Jafari’s heart. Having  grown up in Davis, CA, which is but an hour away from San Francisco, Mack always knew he wanted to settle somewhere close by. With that in mind, Mack wanted the best of
 both worlds. He wanted to be close to his family in Davis and close the hustle and bustle  of the ‘big city.’ He settled in the east bay, a stone’s throw from both his family and San Francisco.
San Francisco is unlike any other city in the world. It has such an eclectic culture  composed of such diversity and such an acceptance of said diversity. People that live in  San Francisco are full of life. They enjoy eating and talking and just living. There is a sense of open-mindedness that is rare and that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the world. There is an intellect that captivates the senses everywhere you go. The San Francisco Bay Area
is home to two world renown Universities (Stanford and UC Berkeley). This breeds an intellectual stimulus that motivates those surrounded by it. There is constant progress  being made from every corner.
The way to approach any given situation or disposition is being questioned every moment of every day. The San Francisco Bay Area offers so much from nature and outdoor activities to community and personal growth.