About Mack Jafari

Here is Dr. Mack Jafari

Dr Mack Jafari has traveled internationally to learn about the latest dental procedures.

Dr Mack Jafari has traveled internationally to learn about the latest dental procedures.

Mack Jafari is a long time Northern California resident having grown up in the bay area… He received his undergraduate education at the University of California, Davis in pre-med. He then attended Nova Southeastern University in Florida where he studied dentistry and where his passion for dentistry flourished. He graduated in 2001 and at that point chose to further his knowledge by completing a General Practice Residency and post graduate training in Queens, New York in 2002. As much as Dr. Mack S.Jafarienjoyed living and learning on the East Coast, his heart remained in California and knew he would return. Family is very important to him and the thought of being so far away brought him back.
Mack Jafari loves to learn and to teach. He was a part time clinical professor in the University Of Pacific Dental School for a few years. Mack Jafari enjoys sharing his knowledge with others to help and create positive learning experiences for the people around him. He is constantly finding ways to grow in his field of dentistry and in life. Dr.Jafari’s philosophy is centered on patient care including thorough and complete explanation and getting his patients involved with every phase of their treatment. He strives on educating his patients on dental health, wellbeing and achieving a balance between health, esthetic dentistry and natural beauty. “Dentistry is and has always been my passion. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for you and with my dental team to provide the highest level of service for all of our patients. I would like to thank each one you individually for the trust you have in me and my dental team for making this an amazing experience.” He also enjoys engaging with others outside of his profession.
Mack Jafari is constantly looking for ways to challenge himself mentally, physically and emotionally.
You can find him in a coffee shop striking up conversations on topics that are of current interest, on the basketball court and in the gym or spending quality time with those few that are closest to him. Mack Jafari takes his professional and personal life very seriously and makes both a priority.
Dr. Mack Jafari loves life and interacting with people. “I believe in using simple positive tools to motivate and educate people. Motivation and having a vision is the key to all our successful ways.”

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