Benefits of Eating Healthy, Last a Lifetime

Three Reasons Why Eating Healthy Benefits Your Oral Health

When you think of eating healthy, the last thing that probably comes to mind is that doing so actually benefits more than just your waistline. But, what if you knew that there are measurable oral health benefits to making healthy choices as well?

There are, and making your own healthy choices you can help protect and restore oral health to keep your smile looking great!

Mack Jafari: Healthy eating can do more than just short term

You already know that certain foods have some serious health benefits. But what you don’t know is that eating healthy actually has serious benefits for your teeth, including:

Strengthen Teeth – Acids in many foods and drinks can break down tooth enamel and leave your teeth exposed to further damage. But when you consume foods rich in calcium and phosphorus like cheese, meat, nuts, and milk, you can provide the minerals necessary to keep your teeth strong.

Wash Food Particles Away – Fruits and vegetables, especially crunchy ones, work extra hard to keep your teeth looking great! In fact, the high water content of many fruits and vegetables helps to not just dilute sugars contained within the fruit but also stimulate saliva that helps wash food particles away.

Fiber-Rich Foods – Apples, celery, and other foods that are high in fiber and aren’t acidic helps cleanse your teeth, literally removing plaque and bacteria away as you eat. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your teeth are protected even when you’re eating.

 Boost Your Oral Health With Regular Visits to Your Bay Area Dentist

 Healthy eating is important but you still need to schedule regular visits to your Bay Area dentist to get the comprehensive dental care you need.

When you visit Siamak Mack Jafari for your dental needs, you receive friendly service from a professional with over 12 years of experience.

Contact Dr. Jafari to boost your healthy eating results and keep your smile looking great for years to come!

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