New Data on Dentistry and Sugar Plaque

Avoid Plaque With Healthy Choices and These Three Tips

Dr. Mack Jafari offers several pieces of advise to avoid tooth decay for healthy eating. When you think of what causes plaque, there are a few foods that come to mind: sugary, sticky foods like candy, soda, and junk food. But what if “health” foods were also causing issues? As a matter of fact they can and there are certain steps you can take to avoid or reduce the development of plaque.

So, What Kinds of Food Cause Sugar Plaque?

As you can imagine, the usual suspects can cause sugar plaque. However, healthy foods like raisins and granola bars can cause problems too.

The biggest issue is that plaque will use sugars in these foods and others to produce acids that then eat away at tooth enamel. But this doesn’t have to mean avoiding the foods you love! Instead, you can take some simple tips into consideration.

Combatting Sugar Plaque With Wise, Healthy Decisions and Three Simple Tips

Sugar plaque is a reality that we all must face, but you don’t have to let it negatively affect your teeth. Instead, you can adopt some simple tips that keep your smile looking great, including:

Consume a Nutritious, Healthy Diet – Nutritious, healthy snacks like yogurt, cheese, fruit, and raw vegetables can make a real difference when it comes to protecting your teeth. In fact, vegetables like celery will help remove food from your teeth and neutralize plaque-causing acids that can eat away at your enamel.

  1. Spend Time Caring for Your Teeth – Brushing and flossing on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to prevent the long-term development of plaque on your teeth.
  1. Visit Your Dentist for Regular Cleanings – In addition to regular efforts at home, it’s important to visit your Bay Area dentist for regular cleanings.

Your Bay Area Dentist Can Help Remove and Prevent Sugar Plaque

When it comes time to visit your Bay Area dentist to remove existing sugar plaque, you can count on Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari to help give you the smile you want!

Contact dentist Mack Jafari to schedule your appointment and get the care you need, today!

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