Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari Winter Health Tips

The bay area finally got some rain!  This is good news as we in the midst of a nearly record drought!  Hopefully more is coming otherwise this summer could get awfully brown around the bay.  As a dentist. Dr. Siamak Mack Jafari notices important dental trends that seem unrelated but are.  When it is very cold or there is heavy rain for an extended period of time, people tend to stay inside.  Still, what does this have to do with dentistry?  Staying inside means people tend to eat more, and not high quality foods either, but those cravings kick-in and junk food gets gobbled down. In addition to the obvious negative impact on the waistline, your teeth are not happy.  Munching down sugar heavy foods which are  a hot bed for bacteria can accelerate plaque formation, which as we know can destroy enammel and ultimately create cavities.  Whether is a a crunchy candy bar and or carbonated high sugar soda like a Coke both your teeth and gums could suffer.   This build up  of plaque over time can cause real damage.

Interestingly, perhaps a biproduct of living in the incedible Bay Area is the fact that we as a culture tend to really eat on the run.  Eating quickly and while mobile may seem benign, but it can also cause problems as people fail to floss and  brush after each meal.  We are all guilty of these modern trends, but if our teeth our to last we have to care for them.  At Sky Dental, lead dentist and founder Dr. Mack Jafari our staff is careful to keep small problem to a minimum.  Our professional staff of expert dental hygienists will ensure your teeth and gums are kept in pristine condition.  Come on in and say hi!


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