Mack Jafari Dental Practice in 2015

2015 is set to be an important year for the dental team of Dr. Mack Jafari.  His practice of Sky Dental has been serving patients in the East Bay California for nearly 15 and continues to build an outstanding track record of patient satisfaction. These dental patients provide their own reviews on Yelp here.  Mack Jafari has helped literally thousand maintain and improve their smiles through is innovative practice.  The team at Sky Dental includes orthodontists, cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry.  The ability to serve the entire family in one location benefits today’s busy family.  Dr. Jafari realizes trips to the dentist and one of the least favorite activities of most americans, yet the professionalism of his team, as evidenced by strong reviews, turns the negative experience into a positive one.

Challenges within dentistry today involve not only treatment, but how to deal with the lifestyles of busy professionals who are constantly on the move.  His dental hygenists provide cutting edge professional teeth cleaning to ensure patients leave the office with the brightest smile.  Normal at home brushing will help limit plaque build up, but the top notch equipment Mack Jafari’s team possesses enables world class dental care.  Dr. Jafari’s team provides this care at competitive prices.    Give us a call today to set up an appointment with our top team of dentists and professionals.

Remember not to forget to floss!

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